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Nyingmapa literally means “ancient” or “old” in Tibetan. Nyingma is Red sect and is often referred to the school of the ancient translations or old school. During the reign of Trisong Detsen, King Trisong Detsen invited Indian great pandita Shantarakshita, Padmasambhava, Dharmakirti, Vimalamitra, and others to prompt Buddhism in Tibet. Dharmakirti spread widely esoteric Dharmas in Yoga Tantra based on the empowerment of Vajra Mandala. At the same time, it was carried out underground for Vairocana, Ma Rinchen-chok, Nyak Zhonu-sherap and Nup Sangye-yeshe to translate Sutras and Tantras which are Anthology of Esoteric Instructions, Eight Sections of the Magical Net and etc. The major Dharmas in Nyingma were transmitted by Padmasambhava. This included Gesture, Dharani or Mantra, and Gom. Some additional Dharmas were transmitted by Vimalamitra, Shantarakshita and others. The completed Dharma underpinning was not formed and the systematic regulations were lacked at that time.
A major influence person in Nyingma was Guru Zurpoche Sakya Jungne who first formulated the teachings and scriptures and established a complete Dharma principle and foundation. He found Nyingmapa and built Ukpalung monastery. He was also known as Ukpalungpa. Zurcung Sherap-tra, Zur Sakya Senge (also known as Dropukpa Sakya Senge) and Zurpoche Sakya Jungne were well-known as the Three “Zur” in Nyingma. Sakya Jungne was a founder for Nyingma and Padmasambhava was a significant transmitter for Nyingma Dharma.
The teachings in Nyingma were originated to Samantabhadra Yabyum that magically created an Enjoyment Body Buddha Dorje Chang who taught widely Dharmas for Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The Nyingma teachings are divided into nine Vehicles. The three Common Vehicles are the Hearer, Solitary Realizer, and Bodhisattva that were taught by Buddha Shakyamuni. The three Outer Tantras are Kriya, Carya or Ubhaya, and Yogatantra that were taught by Embodiment Body Buddha Vajrasattva. The three Innermost Tantras are Mahayoga, Anuyoga, and Atiyoga that were taught by Enjoyment Body Buddha Dorje Chang. In addition, the Kriya in Outer Tantras was also addressed by Buddha Shakyamuni. The Carya and Yogatantra are also addressed by Buddha Vairocana. Three Innermost Tantras was also addressed by Vajradhara. As a matter of fact, every Dharma is originally taught by Enjoyment Body (Sambhoga-Kaya) Vajradhara who was magically appeared by Samantabhadra Yabyum. In particularly, the Innermost Tantras was personally addressed for the first ground Bodhisattva and above by Enjoyment Body Buddha Dorje Chang who is magically appeared by Samantabhadra Yabyum. This Dharma is immeasurable and superior on others in every sect. Only a few of them are transmitted widely in human being by great adepts who are Hevajra, Vimalamitra, Padmasambhava and others.
The three lineages in Nyingma are the thought lineage of the Buddhas, the symbolic lineage of the Awareness Holders or Vidhyadharas, and the human ear-whispered lineage. Additional three lineages are the personal verbal lineage, the caused Terma Lineage, and the willing print lineage. These six lineages are also sorted out Mahayana Empowerment, Inner Empowerment, and Innermost Empowerment (Abhisekha). Innermost empowerment is sometime referred to Holy Innermost Empowerment. Holy Innermost Empowerment is superior in Dak Nang (Pure Vision transmissions) of Innermost Tantra Dharma.
The Dharmas in Nyingma are classified as three categories. The first is the “long” Kama. The second is the “short” Terma and the third is the Dak Nang.
The Dak Nang is fit to adept people. People ready for Holy Innermost Empowerment are in front of Yidam and taught personally by their Yidam. The Holy scene of Yidam Mandala has to be appeared in scenery Mandala during the empowerment.
If the Termas concealed by Padmasambhava or others are revealed something relevant to Innermost Empowerment, the transmission has to be carried out in scenery Mandala.
The “long” Kama are referred to three Surtas which are ''Mental" Position (Sems phyogs), Anthology of Sutras (Dus pa mdo), and Guhyagarbha Tantra (sGyu phrul).

This is a brief of the Nyingma.

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