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Jonang Lineage -True Buddhas and Bodhisattvas with Realization
Based on the information and documents collected so far, there are fair great masters in Jonang. Some of them are Jigme Dorje Dharma king, Jianyang Lezhu Dharma king, Ngagwang Pedma Namgyal Palzangpo Dharma king, Tashi Gyaltsan who was an incarnation of Taranatha Dharma king, and Ngagwang Pedma Nuobu Dharma king. There are many different opinions and comments on the mentioned Dharma kings in Jonang sect. Not enough wisdom and true realization have been shown in public. The realization of Shentong view is certainly one of considerations. In addition, so many Dharma Kings have suddenly appeared in public and it's really not easy to distinguish between true and fake Dharma king. Although the evaluation is still in process, we list so far H.H. Dharma king Jigme Dorje who is a chief Preceptor in Jonang and a holy Dharma king with true realization.
Jigme Dorje Dharma King
H.H. Jigme Dorje
H.H. Jigme Dorje Dharma king, a chief Preceptor in Jonang, was a great Arhat at the times of Buddha Sakyamuni. Today, His Holiness is known as the only holder of completed Kalachakra among four major Tibetan Buddhist schools. In addition, H.H. is also identified as an incarnation of throne holder in Jonang headquarters Tsangwa Monastery. His Holiness has been learning Jonang Doctrine. Following root master, the 44th Kalachakra Dharma king Awan Gongqiu Daji, His Holiness fully accomplished the achievement of Kalachakra. In 2003, H.H. Jigme Dorje Dharma king officially became a Jonangpa chief Preceptor afterward Yundun Zangpo Dharma King. Right now, His Holiness is the head of the administrative committee in Tsangwa Monastery where is the headquarters of Jonang sect.
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